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      MANniu Hardware is a manufacturer specialized in industrial/commercial burners and stoves based in Taiwan. The company has over twenty years of experiences in technical development and design. With our R&D resource, manufacturing experience, and marketing integration, we have more than a dozen patents in burners and stoves around the globe. We are heading to the No.1 manufacturer in the iron-stove industry.

MANniu Stoves & Burners  – The best choice on the market!
      Given our specialty in burner/stove innovation, casting, machine processing, assembly and mass production, we are well positioned to become one of the leading manufacturers in the cast-iron stove industry.
      We offer the most competitive products of top quality for both domestic and international markets. Taiwan MANniu, the best partner for your business!     
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      We are specialist manufacturer for a wide range of stoves and burners for both commercial and industrial use: medium-pressure stoves, blast stoves, fast stoves, cast-iron stoves, cast-iron burner grates, gas stoves, coal-gas stoves, jet stoves, cyclone stoves, super cyclone stoves, flame plate stoves, energy-saving stoves, energy-saving burner grates, infrared stoves, parts and accessories.

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