NP18A Double-barreled 18 gas jet stoves

NP18A   Double-barreled 18 gas jet stoves

Model No.︰NP18A

Brand Name︰MANniu

Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China

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Minimum Order︰30 pc

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Product Description


Commercial~loti form 18V  MANniu 18V-NG-Fast dual piping burner
Ø        Made-to-measure burner head18-core loti form jet burner head, powerful fire, pure green flame, suitable for long time commercial use. 12 burner heads in outer ring, and 6 inner, control separately according to actual need.
Ø        Explanation: long and powerful firepower, saving
valuable time for 20%, saving gas comparatively!
Ø          Using fuel: natural gas, using pilot ignition (attached
Pilot ball valve).
Ø        Main material: cast iron, copper alloy.
Ø        Big bottom: NPNW series use made-to-measure big
grate bottom, extra large area making high stability of     pans, never toppling over.
Ø        Square grate: NT square cast iron grates, steady as
rock, double safety, never topple over, suitable for big or small pans.
Ø        Application: lube ten, restaurant, nursery, vintage, snack bar and other business ground or office.

custom_attr5︰ N18-P2-AA

custom_attr2︰ 8〞

custom_attr3︰ L54*W34*H20 cm

custom_attr1︰ 10.1kg

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